What Does Gene Do?

So let’s focus more on what I do. While I am under the umbrella of Gateway Counseling Inc, my practice is my practice. I provide a number of different services. Listed below you will find the services I provide along with their description

Mental Health Therapy for Men

There are a lot of guys with men’s issues. We tend to hold things in because we have been taught this is what it means to be a man. This causes self-esteem issues, stress, anger, and many other problems. If you’re sick of this, click the link below. I can help

Mental Health Therapy for Male Teens

Is your teen struggling with school? Is he having difficulty at home? Does he have trouble making and keeping friends? Are you worried about him? You are at the right place. I have worked with teens like this for over 18 years. Click the link below to see how I can help!

Parenting Intensive

This service is unique. A parenting intensive is an in-home 2 to 3 hr session one day a week for 4 weeks. There is a lot of information and teaching within this time period. Each week you are expected to implement the techniques learned. During this time you will also have a 1-hour call (if you chose) to ask questions and get clarity.

Workshops and Seminars

Sometimes the parent-child relationship is not an easy one. Many dynamics make this the case. If you find your relationship with your child strained or even explosive, I can help. Click the button below to set up a consultation or session for your teen!